How to Make Your Penis Bigger Using Penis Extender


One of the popular penis enlargement devices is the penis extender. There are a wide arrange of choices out there that you can use for your penis enlargement exercise program. But first, do they work?

Do Penis Extenders Work?

Well, yes. Not only they are clinically approved, and they do work, but also they are more efficient than surgery. According to a study, men gained almost one inch in length (in the non-erect state) after wearing this device for half of a year.

Another study also found supporting results. The study found that men who use natural penis enhancement techniques, which include the extender usage, have approximately 0.9-inch flaccid length gain, and 0.67-inch in an erect state.

About the Device


The device is for manhood stretching. That is why many models are analogous. They include two essential components:

  1. 2 bracer points. One is located at the bottom of the male organ. The other one is under penis head.
  2. Rods or bars. These will extend the extender’s length.

The rods or bars can be elongated by the user. What for? To extend the member. Of course, there are design differences. For instance, the gear by which the bars are elongated. Or, the convenience peculiarities s such as packing. You can find more facts about penis extenders at

How to Use It


Next, is the question of how to make your penis bigger using a penis extender. So, how do penis extenders work?

Before you read our guides, you need to declaim and behoove the manual given by the producer. Why? Because every device is a little diverse. With that in mind, let’s continue.

1. Get ready

Before you put on the device, you may want to wrap the frenulum with a cloth or gauze. This will protect the delicate frenulum from friction on the device’s cradle

2. Attach

Connect one side of the belt to the device’s cradle. This is done so the device won’t move when you put in on your member. Usually, you don’t need to attach the belt on the right side if you’re right-handed.

3. Putting the penis

Hold the member under its head. Then stretch the penis head toward the device’s cradle. Glide the belt up over the member behind the penis head.

4. Fasten the belts

Put the belt through the hole for it on cradle’s side. Fasten it firmly. Then, fasten the other side of the belt to the extender. Make sure it makes good tension on the member.

5. Retighten the belts

This will ensure a tight fit.

6. Comfortable Stretch

After you are well fastened, regulate the tension bars until you are comfortable. Don’t overstretch, though.

7. Warm up

This is optional, though recommended step. Apply heat such as a hot towel. You can use different sources.

8. Wait

You can do what you want to while lying down or sitting. Don’t move a lot as it will weaken the grab of the device.